Lectures, artist talks, debate at GOGBOT2010

GOGBOT2010 presents: Lectures, artist talks & debate
Saturday 11 september | 2:00pm | Concordia Cinema | Free entrance

Speakers: Natasha Vita-More, Dave Blank, Koert van Mensvoort, Arjen Kamphuis, Eric Joris. Moderator: Josephine Bosma.

SINGULARITY: iPhone or iDeath?
SINGULARITY at GOGBOT shows how artists, scientists and designers are working with this controversial concept. Do they consider the Singularity as a threat, a warning, as overrated phenomena, or as an endless possibility to enrich our world, to perfection our bodies and let men and machine merge into a new future…Does Singularity lead to a utopia, a nightmare, or is there nothing to worry about?

Natasha Vita-More
Natasha Vita-More is founder and president of the Extropy Institute and president of the Transhumanist Arts and Culture Foundation. She designed the “Primo Posthumane”, a future human prototype mixing biotech, robotics, information technology, nanotechnology, psychology and neurosciences for human enhancement.

Dave Blank
Prof Dave Blank is director of MESA+, Institute for Nanotech, University of Twente.

Koert van Mensvoort
Artist, scientist, philosopher, inventor, talks about his Next Nature projects and relates to the concept of Singularity.

Arjen Kamphuis
Kamphuis is futurist, scientist and advisor for open source standards in the public domain.

Eric Joris
Joris develops live-art theater projects in collaboration with a collective of artists and scientists. New technology forms the basis of a unique way of thinking and the engine for aesthetic, immersive experiences.

Josephine Bosma
Moderator for GOGBOT, artist, net-art critic, author.

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