Tele_Trust: Hermen Maat & Karel Lancel

GOGBOT 2010 presents Tele_Trust by Hermen Maat & Karel Lancel at oude markt / grote kerk:

Do you need to see my eyes to trust me?

TELE_TRUST creates an engaging agora, researching new parameters for online trust. While in our changing social eco-system we increasingly demand transparency, we cover our vulnerable bodies with personal communication technology. In a visual, poetic way, TELE_TRUST researches contemporary emotional and social tension between visibility, privacy and trust.

TELE_TRUST takes place in dynamic public spaces, like train stations, museums, and festivals, where the audience participates in a networked performance & installation.

Everyone can wear a data-veil. The audience can put on a data-veil that functions as a second skin, a membrane, for scanning a networking body experience. The data-veil is a full-body covering garment, combining visual elements from both eastern and western traditions; inspired by a monks’ habit, a burqa and Darth Vader; and ‘trustworthy’ business suits.

The data-veil is interactive. With flexible touch sensors woven into the smart fabric, the wearer’s body becomes a wireless tangible interface allowing connection with an online audience.

Who is watching you now? Around the data-veil, the audience connects with the wearer by Iphone. When touching their Iphone screen, they can unveil the wearers’ face online – and share via real time audio: emotions of trust.

Audience members meet each other in an intimate body experience to exchange stories about: Am I here with you? Who is watching who? Who is controlling who? And in whose body? TELE_TRUST offers a tangible body interface for scanning online trust. User generated content of texts and portraits is on.



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